Man involved in La Crescent shooting charged

The man faces 5 charges

A La Crescent man who identified himself as the shooter in an altercation on Monday was charged Thursday in Houston County court.

Robert R. Albrecht, 37, faces 5 charges including assault in the first degree, assault in the second degree with a dangerous weapon, and assault in the third degree causing substantial bodily harm.

The La Crescent Police Department says a man called 911 on December 14th to report he’d been shot in the abdomen at 525 South 9th Street.

When law enforcement arrived, the victim whose name has not been released, was outside. As an officer provided medical care to the victim, another man came outside and identified himself as the one who caused the injury.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim went to Albrecht’s apartment to play video games since the defendant was feeling down.

One he arrived, Albrecht was suicidal and picked up his .45 caliber handgun and began to wave it around recklessly and shot the victim when he tried to leave.

Albrecht stated he did not know the safety was off.

He admitted he had “drank quite a bit” and had consumed a half bottle of alcohol. His blood alcohol content was .20.