Man found not guilty in dog molestation case

Man was found guilty of trespassing and disorderly conduct

A jury trial found an Onalaska man accused of molesting a coworker’s dog not guilty Wednesday.

After a one day trial Daniel Reinsvold, 44, was acquitted of his charges of mistreating an animal and sexual gratification with an animal, but found guilty of trespassing and disorderly conduct.

According to the criminal complaint Reinsvold was found in February by the coworker’s daughter in the basement of her parent’s home straddling the family dog, Cooper.

The complaint states Reinsvold had his pants and underwear down and had his pelvic area pressed against the dog.

After getting up Reinsvold said he was picking up something he had dropped.

The dog was acting as if it were in trouble and went into its kennel.

Reinsvold will be sentenced on July 15th.