Man convicted of murder in mother’s death

MERRILL, Wis. (AP) — Jurors have convicted a man accused of killing his mother in Lincoln County so he could collect an insurance payout.

The jury Wednesday convicted 25-year-old Chase Boruch of first-degree intentional homicide in his mother’s death.

Boruch acknowledged on the witness stand that he staged a car crash at Moraine Lake in June 2010 to make his mother’s death look like an accident so he could claim her insurance payouts.

But he maintained the death of his mother, 63-year-old Sally Pergolski, was indeed an accident. Boruch says he found his mother dead on the floor of her Wausau home after she appeared to have choked on a piece of meat.

WSAW-TV reports an autopsy revealed that Pergolski died of a brain injury at least two hours before Boruch called 911.