Make a better fitness resolution this year

Set specific goals

The New Year is only a few days away, and you may be thinking of making a fitness resolution this year. But do you know how to make that resolution last all year?

La Crosse’s YMCA recommends you make realistic goals. Resolving to lose 50 pounds is often times less effective than saying you will a few pounds a month.

Fitness advisors also recommend you make a series of milestones towards your overall goal.

“This is week one. What am I going to do for week one that’s going to reach this goal, and how can I move on, continuing on with what I’ve done? Really, too, celebrating in a way that is towards that goal, that is kind of a celebration too when you reach those tiny little goals is important,” said Dahl Family YMCA Wellness Director Heidi Kunnen.

Fitness advisors also say developing and changing your goals as you progress is key to maintaining an active lifestyle.