Maintenance needed? Listen to your car

Trying to determine if and when your car needs maintenance can be tricky for a lot of home owners. One way to know is by listening to your car. Various odd and new noises can signal it’s time for maintenance.

According to, if you hear a noise that seems to be new, or not one of the usual sounds your car makes, it could signal a potential problem.

To determine what the problem might be, listen to the type of sound.

For example, a squeal when pressing on the brakes can signal a brake issue. A grinding when pressing on the brakes can mean the brake pads are getting worn down.

Thumping, according to, could signal a problem with the tires.

Hissing or squealing coming from under the hood can mean there’s a problem with a hose or a belt.

If you hear any noise that sounds unusual you should take your car in for maintenance to determine the cause of the noise.