Mainly Sunny & Warmer Today -Derek Sibley

Skies clear out today with temperatures continuing to warm up.

Today’s Planner: Lots of Sun.  High Temperature 60F.  Winds, S 5-10 MPH.

Skies are partly cloudy this morning with temperatures in the 40s.  Will be warming up to the 50s early this afternoon under mostly sunny skies, followed by temperatures in the 60s late this afternoon while skies turn sunny.

8 8 Am

Forecast High Temperatures


South Winds Keeps Us Warm

A southerly wind combined with abundant sunshine, will continue into tomorrow and the rest of this weekend to help keep temperatures mild.

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8 Day Forecast

Fair weather conditions will continue for a while.  Temperatures will remain mild with highs in the 60s through this weekend.  Next week looks warm too with highs remaining in the 60s and lows in the 40s and 50s.

8 Day Derek

Meteorologist Derek Sibley