‘Mainly Marathon’ held in Sparta

Marathons are a great was to get people together to stay healthy, but finding the space for a full-length one can often prove to be an issue.

But one travelling group has found a way around that problem, and they made a stop in Sparta today.

The ‘Mainly Marathon’ organization only takes up a little more than one mile for their races, with participants working their way through the route multiple times.

Reducing the area the race takes up also means fewer volunteers and organizers needed to maintain the marathon, condensing their aid, food and water stations in a single location along the shortened route.

And as organizers will tell you, the smaller requirements means they get to bring their marathons to smaller cities.

“We leave a very small footprint like you said, we need a very small area and we can set up and run in all of these wonderful little cities all across America, right here in the Midwest, middle of Wisconsin” Marketing Director of Mainly Marathon, George Rose said.

A little more than 1-hundred runners took part in today’s mini-marathon.

The ‘Mainly Marathon’ moves on to Albert Lea in Minnesota tomorrow.