Luther high school hosts 11 team robotics competition

Pre-season scrimmage testing robots before fix up deadline

High school students from around Wisconsin and Minnesota put their robotic skills to the test Sunday.

The Seven Rivers Robotics Coalition hosted a pre-season scrimmage at Luther High School.  The competition was a time for students to inspect their robots and discover what changes needed to be made before the official season began.

Teams were hard at work after the competition was first announced in early January.  Organizers and students say the ability to build robots has given them real life experience outside of the classroom.

“This gives them an opportunity to see some of the things that engineers and mathematicians and statisticians and marketing people get to do in real life,” said Seven Rivers Robotics Coalition Executive Director Mark Moulton.

“It’s like a microcosm of the work place.  You don’t really know who you’re going to end up working with as an adult and post college, post high school.  So it’s a really great aspect that way and it’s a lot of fun in that regards too because you get to see the different ways that they came up with the same idea,” said Aquinas high school student Alexis Puyleart.

February 17 is the final day teams can make changes to their robots before the season begins.