Luckey Climber coming to Children’s Museum of La Crosse

A new addition is coming to the Children’s Museum of La Crosse. The museum will be adding a two-story Luckey Climber.

The climber features 60 different animals on the tops and bottoms of climbing platforms. The Luckey Climber offers a challenge to kids of all ages, making them problem-solve, think spatially, and cooperate with other kids.

Those at the Children’s Museum say this is a unique opportunity for the community.

“They are all custom. There is nothing boilerplate about them. It’s actually got two miles of cable that they have hand woven and crimped together to form the netting around the exhibit. So it’s all custom done. It is just crazy good,” said Anne Snow, executive director of the Children’s Museum of La Crosse.

If you would like a sneak peak of the climber you can see it anytime while it is being built. It will be available for use before December 1.