LPEF grant awarded to La Crosse area schools

La Crosse Design Institute and 7 Rivers Community High School was awarded a grant totaling $1,300.

The money from the La Crosse Public Education Foundation will help buy animation software and equipment for the schools.

The software and equipment will be used as part of a student taught class.

The idea came from an 8th grade student who will help teach the class.

She says it’s an opportunity for students to learn something new without the pressure of a regular classroom setting.

“If we have a history project about WWII, I can give them an assignment about creating what they think landscape of WWII. I’ll tell them what do you think happened in WWII, make an animation about this,” said Angeli Engel, a student at the La Crosse Design Institute.

The grant is one of 45 other grants from the education foundation, all together totaling about $50,000.