Loggers, Northwoods League still planning to have 2020 season

With leagues delaying and canceling their seasons in the wake of COVID-19…one local team still has plans to start as scheduled…

The Loggers of the Northwoods League are taking it day by day, but as of now they are intending to open the gates at Copeland Park May 27.

Loggers front office personnel say they are in constant communication with how the Northwoods League is responding to national guidelines.

This season projects to be new territory for the Loggers. The talent pool has the potential to change, as coaches who lend players to the Loggers may send some more of their best, as baseball players saw little action this spring before the NCAA and conferences canceled competitions.

Also, the short college season means that the Loggers won’t have to wait on any players.

“We could have a full disposal of players that will be on time and ready to go,” GM Ben Kapanke said. “Summer collegiate baseball won’t be such a priority for our players and for their program. We might have a full and active roster on day one, which hasn’t happened in the history of the Northwoods League. That’s kind of the exciting part. Teams are going to lean on us to really showcase their talent, and we could have a good influx of players come through La Crosse.”

If all goes according to plan, the Loggers will start their 18th season of operation.