Loggers fans take part in pre-season fun

LA CROSSE, Wis. — It was an opportunity to meet the players and learn about new additions fans can find at Copeland Park this year.

Tuesday night, the Loggers hosted a “Get Active Fan Festival” for everyone to visit the lumberyard and learn about the team.

People participated in a variety of activities like a 2 mile race and a wiffle ball game for kids and this year’s team. Also at the festival, the team unveiled a number of new healthy eating options.

Fans will now be able to enjoy food such as subs, fruit, and yogurt along with the classics at the ballpark. “So you got a lot of healthy alternatives out here, it’s not just logger dogs, brats, cheese curds anymore, it’s that and much more for the families that are looking for those healthy alternatives on a nightly basis, and they’ll be here for all 35 home games,” said Loggers G.M. Chris Goodell.


The additions to the menu are part of a partnership with a number of local organizations. One of those is the La Crosse County health department.

“This is what we like to call small steps. It’s not going to change obesity overnight but it’s showing that healthier options can be available and can be the norm, maybe we’ll see this at other places around the area as well, so that would be our future goals,” said Tiffany Adrians from the La Crosse Co. Health Department.

There was also a celebrity softball game at Tuesday night’s “Get Active Fit Festival.” News 8’s Jennifer Livingston, Bill Graul, and Mark McPherson all took part.