Loggers, City seek ‘sole’ution for lease agreement

Previous lease expires August 30

It’s been one year since the La Crosse Loggers won its first Northwoods League Championship and welcomed its 1,00,000 fan.

Now the team is working with city officials to negotiate a new lease before the previous one expires on August 30.

Last week, a pair of city committees moved the 10-year agreement through to the full council meetings, but there’s still some work to be done on the language.

“Everything is pretty much agreed upon except this one issue, right now there’s really one word, sole that’s holding us up,” said Ryan Cornett, a city council member.

“That has to do with if there was an incident, an injury, a claim at the ballpark, who would be responsible for it,” said Brent Smith, the attorney representing the Loggers.

“It pens to a lawsuit that happened years ago and we just want to make sure that both parties are protected form a lawsuit,” said Cornett.

“We’re still trying to work out the language on the portion that deals with insurance and indemnification, and I think we’ll hopefully be able to wrap that up on Monday or Tuesday,” says Smith, “overall it’s similar, I mean there’s certainly been an increase in the rent I mean there’s no doubt about that, we’ve gone 10 years, this is actually the 11th year, so there’s some increase to the rent, but overall I wouldn’t say if you looked at the two leases, I wouldn’t say they’re radically different,” said Smith.


Both sides want the team to stay.

The Loggers proved that last week announcing it had privately raised enough money to install artificial turf on the infield.

“We’ve been waiting for this decision for a long time and we’re excited to move forward and work with the Loggers in the future,” said Cornett.

The Committee of the Whole will discuss the issue on Tuesday; then it goes to the full council on Thursday.

If the agreement does not pass, Cornett expects the group to pass an extension on the current agreement.