Logan High School students pair up for outdoor adventures

Learned to snowshoe, tie knots, cook over a campfi

Students from Logan High School’s Adventure Physical Education and Specially Designed Physical Education groups came together Wednesday for a day of outdoor adventures.

The Adventure Physical Education group is a class designed for students who want to experience outdoor activities such as rock climbing, camping and kayaking. This field trip is an opportunity for the students in the Adventure P.E. group to share their knowledge of the outdoors with the students from the Specially Designed P.E. group.

Students learned how to snowshoe and tie specialty knots at Myrick Park in La Crosse.

“There’s different abilities that the kids have, and right now what this is doing is this is giving our students a chance to see what struggles some students may have and how they need to work towards other things and to see the different ways to approach different things,” said School District of La Crosse Specially Designed P.E. Teacher Jessa Pfennig.

Nearly 40 students took part in Wednesday’s outdoor adventure.