Logan football marches toward State

Host Rice Lake Friday at 7pm

November at Logan High School usually means basketball, wrestling, and the beginning of the winter sports season taking center stage. 

But for the second year in a row, Ranger Football is not giving up the limelight.

They play at Swanson Field this Friday night two wins away from a trip to Camp Randall.

“What has changed is the mindset,” said Head Coach Casey Knoble. “As you said, it is about football season now. Everybody here loves basketball, loves wrestling, and we want them to do great. But, now, November means playoff football and that has permeated throughout the program. It has become an expectation for our kids.”

The biggest catalyst of the program’s turnaround?

Look no further than standout senior running back and linebacker Kyle Bakalars. With 23 rushing touchdowns, and two yards shy of fifteen hundred for the season, Bakalars says the change in mindset started by winning in the weight room.

“Back then as a freshman, the football team was alright,” said Kyle Bakalars. “Ever since my sophomore year, we just all went in the weight room, and worked our butts off. Junior year, that is when we kept getting bigger and better playing together. We did our jobs, and this year we are hoping to go all the way.”

As it turns out the hard work is rewriting school record books.

The five Ranger playoff victories over the last two seasons, eclipses the school’s previous combined number of playoff wins dating back to 1976.

And Coach Casey Knoble, is not ready to let the winningest class in school history go.

“Just an amazing group of kids,” said Knoble. “They work so hard, and they also just make you laugh every day, and smile. It is just a great group to be around. I will just miss the joy that we have together. I don’t want it to end.”