Local winery wins international award

Wins 5 gold medals in 2015

A local winery is the toast of the town.

Elmaro Vineyard in Trempealeau has taken home five gold medals at international wine competitions this year alone. Four of them came from the Long Beach International Grand Cru. The biggest award came in a sweepstakes competition where a panel of judges nominate a wine to enter into the contest. The judges then do a blind taste test of the entries, sampling each one to determine which is the best.

The owners say winning the award was a complete surprise.

“It’s like lightning striking, it doesn’t happen, everything has to align. Everybody has to have a decent lunch, but not too much, because once you’re too full, wines don’t taste so good. When you’re a little bit hungry, that’s the best time to taste wine and everybody agreed,” said owner Laura Roessler.

The sweepstake winning wine is Elmaro’s West Prairie White.