Local viewing parties for Presidential Debate

Both major parties hosting the broadcast Monday night

If you want to watch the debate surrounded by like-minded people, both major parties are hosting watch parties in La Crosse tonight.

The La Crosse Republican Party is opening their doors at 7:30 tonight at their headquarters, 722 Rose Street. The Chair of La Crosse County Republicans says tonight’s debate is something everyone should watch.

“Tonight’s debate is pivotal. The polls are showing basically a tie right now. I think whichever candidate comes out of tonight’s debate looking like the winner is probably going to have the front seat to winning the nomination,” said La Crosse County Republicans Chair Bill Feehan.

The local Democratic Party is also hosting their own watch party at their La Crosse headquarters, 117 5 th Avenue South. The La Crosse Democratic Headquarters will open their doors to the public at 7:30.

County Democratic Officials hope people take this chance to see what each candidate has to offer.

“This is their first opportunity to see both candidates side-by-side, and they will have two other opportunities. And I hope they will take those opportunities,” said La Crosse County Democratic Party Chair Vicki Burke.

The public can also watch tonight’s debate at the Rivoli Theater in downtown La Crosse.