Local veterinarian to head the American Veterinary Medical Association

He stated his goal is to connect, serve, and listen to AVMA members to bring together shared interests and to be more inclusive

ONALASKA, Wis (WKBT) – The American Veterinary Medical Association’s newest group of volunteer leaders will have a familiar face in their ranks. Local veterinarian Dr. Douglass Kratt is beginning his term as the AVMA president.

Dr. Kratt recently served as the president-elect of the AVMA and he owns Central Animal Hospital in Onalaska.

He stated his goal is to connect, serve, and listen to AVMA members to bring together shared interests and to be more inclusive.

He said in his inaugural speech, “The AVMA is committed to making sure everyone feels welcome, included, and an important part of this great profession.”

Dr. Kratt’s focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within the AVMA and the veterinary profession will further enhance the association’s commitment to DEI initiatives, which include:

Strategies to increase the number of diverse applicants to colleges of veterinary medicine.
Strategies to build DEI capabilities/capacities within the AVMA itself (staff and volunteers).
Strategies to build DEI capabilities/capacities of veterinarians and their teams so they can support healthy practices and best serve their clients and communities.

“Without question, it has been a difficult year on several fronts,” Dr. Kratt said. “These are historic times, and it is in times like these that we can unite and recognize that a focused commitment to diversity and inclusion has never been more important. Valuing diversity and condemning racism is part of a healthy, thriving veterinary profession. After all, we veterinarians are here to serve our patients and clients—in addition to embracing our role as leaders in the communities we serve. Just as important is putting those values into action.”

Prior to his election, Dr. Kratt served as Wisconsin’s delegate in the AVMA House of Delegates and president of the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association. He has also served on AVMA’s House Advisory Committee as chair, Strategic Management Committee and Task Force on Volunteer Engagement, and was a member of the 2012-2013 AVMA Future Leaders program.

Dr. Kratt, a 1998 graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, will serve as AVMA president through August 2021, when current AVMA president-elect, Dr. Jose Arce, will assume the presidency.