Local teachers raise money by not shaving

'Shave Cancer, Not Beards' raises money for West Salem Relay for Life

A hairy situation is actually a good thing at West Salem High school.

Male staff members at West Salem High School were growing out their facial hair for an event called “Shave Cancer, Not Beards.” It’s a fundraiser for the West Salem Relay for Life.

Social Studies Teacher Ryan Nelson started growing a beard earlier this month when a student challenged him on Twitter. Nelson took it a step further and got other staff members on board for a fundraiser. There are now 15 staff members taking part.

“Students are really buying into that it would be nice to see a staff member with a beard, but it would also be nice to raise money for this cause,” said West Salem High School Teacher Ryan Nelson. “It’s pretty amazing to see what a small group of people can do in a short amount of time as long as they’re determined to make a difference.”

“If one person gives money then more people keep giving and keep giving and you just make a huge impact and one person can make a difference,” said West Salem High School Sophomore Kendra Clements.

Features Sports Bar and Grill in West Salem has donated free games of bowling as an incentive to keep the students donating through Tuesday.

The school’s goal was to raise $725. They ended up collecting more than $1,600.

Teachers plan to host this fundraiser again next year.