Local ROTC cadets train for future Army careers

Local ROTC students prepared for their future in the service with medical training at Shenanigans in La Crosse on Thursday.

Using the Army’s “Fight as We Train” method, staff from Mayo Clinic and Viterbo University lead nearly 70 college-age cadets from the UW-La Crosse ROTC Eagle Battalion in hands-on training on dressing wounds, doing trauma assessments in the field, chest compressions and medical evacuations.

“These are all basic lifesaver skills they’re learning in order to save themselves as well as their troops in the future,” said Cadet Jordan Filipiak, a third-year nursing student at Viterbo.

The training included working past distractions to complete a medical rescue mission scenario on the Shenanigans paintball field.

“They may be tempted by some… enemy that may engage them. They’re going to have to react and be on their toes,” said Filipiak. “The goal is they’re going to do this tactically, as the Army has trained them, and they’re going to perform care under a duress scenario in order to provide them the confidence that they can do these skills under duress.”

The UW-L Army ROTC Eagle Battalion includes students from Winona State University, Viterbo University and St. Mary’s University in Winona.

Local ROTC cadets train for future Army careers