Local retailers staffing more workers than usual for day after Christmas returns

It’s the day after Christmas, and many local shoppers are already taking back some of their gifts.

Tradehome Shoes at the Valley View Mall expects a lot of business, and they get quite a bit.

Store manager Merle Bries says sometimes the store will sell out of a product right before Christmas, making exchanges and returns a little more complicated.

When that happens, the store will give customers cash back and tell them ahead of time when the new product comes in.

Usually the store has to wait two weeks for shipment.

Bries also says he put six workers on staff today to handle all the customers.

That’s double the amount of people he usually has working.

But he says it gives customers and staff better communication.

“It just makes everything go smoother, and then the customers don’t have to wait for us to try to find time to take care of their need,” Bries said.

Stephanie Subjek was one of several customers returning her Christmas gift at Tradehome Shoes.

The pair of shoes she got were the wrong size.

So she swapped them out for a pair that fit, and for her, everything went really well.

“The exchange went really easy, and I got another pair of shoes,” Subjek said. “Perfect size, perfect fit. And it was great.”

Bries says the store would probably get busiest between 11 to 4 on the day after Christmas.

Due to of all the returns and exchanges, retailers get an extra bump in sales as shoppers head back into their stores one more time.