Local retailers see surge of shoppers day after Christmas

December 26th one of busiest days of the year

Not surprisingly, the day after Christmas is one of the busiest days of the year for retailers, and local stores are also seeing the rush of people.

Local families headed to Valley View Mall in La Crosse Monday to spend those gift cards and holiday cash. Mall officials say post-holiday sales help bring out the crowds. Shoppers are also looking for their New Year’s Eve goods as well.

Valley View Mall’s Marketing Director says some shoppers are still finishing up their holiday shopping.

“We definitely have people, such as myself, that did not get all of their shopping done, so they’re going to take advantage today. Or maybe it’s that family that said, ‘Let’s wait until after and take advantage of the deals, and that way everybody gets that one item that they really, really wanted.'” said Valley View Mall Marketing Director Laurie Cafe.

Mall officials also say shoppers are looking for returns and exchanges.