Local republicans make their case for November elections

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)–Republicans have their nominees to represent the Coulee Region in Madison.

Kevin Hoyer, a farmer who worked with the Agriculture Policy Legislature is running for the 94th district.

Former Navy Seal Derrick Van Orden is running for Ron Kind’s 3rd Congressional Seat

Businessman and community leader Jerome Gundersen Jr. is challenging Jill Billing’s seat in the 95th assembly district.

And Dan Kapanke is looking to recapture the 32nd district in the state senate, a seat he held for six years.

Kapanke weighed in on the death of George Floyd in Minnesota, and the impact it can have for Wisconsin’s police officers.

“We had a bad police officer in Minnesota, a bad cop, that has cast a shadow on all the cops, and it’s really very unfair because we have so many great men and women that risk their lives every day for the safety of others. So hats off to them and hopefully we won’t have recurrences of what we saw in Minneapolis this past week.”

Kapanke is looking to reclaim the seat he lost to Shilling in a 2011 recall election,