Local races raise money for Lupus patients

Lupus Alliance hosts 2 races, 6 hour and 24 hour races

A fundraiser in our area brought people together for Lupus.

The local Lupus Alliance hosted 2 different timed races, a 6 hour and a 24 hour race. Racers could run or walk around a 2.8 mile long loop on Goose Island, taking breaks whenever they wanted, and it all helped raise money and awareness for patients suffering from Lupus.

“We’ve had patients come up to us and say, ‘You know what, I’ve been alone in this disease for 6 years. Thank you for letting me meet other patients, or giving me a voice, letting me be part of something other than just having the disease,'” said Lupus Patient Advocate Executive Director Richard Chrz.

More than 200 runners showed up for Saturday’s race.