Local organizations team up to build beds for kids in need

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Volunteers in our community are making sure every kid has a comfortable bed to sleep on.

The La Crosse Co. Chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace is holding its biggest bed build to date.

It’s happening on September 19th at Timmers 10 Mile Pub, just off of County Road YY.

The Shelby Volunteer Fire Department and St. Joe’s Lions Club will be putting together 60 beds.

All the beds are twin size and come with a pillow, sheets, and a comforter or quilt.

Many of us may take for granted the bed we get to curl up in at night, but there are kids in our area who have never had that luxury.

“Some of these kids have never had a bed. They’re sleeping on the floor, they’re sleeping on the couch, they’re sleeping with mom and dad, they’re sleeping with a sibling. If they’re lucky, they have a mattress to throw on the floor. Some don’t even have that,” said SHP La Crosse Co. President, Mike Suchla.

In addition to the bed build, the organization is holding a bedding drive.

You can donate new twin size bedding, pillowcases, sheet sets, comforters, and quilts.

Bedding can be dropped off at Timmers 10 Mile during the build or you can send a message to the organization’s Facebook page.

If you know a child in La Crosse Co. between ages 3 to 17 in need of a bed, you can click here to request one.