Local non-profit puts together online silent auction

COVID-19 is causing a lot of cancellations. Non-profits are feeling the affects, too. A program that fights for racial equality and support for women is finding itself struggling.

“It has caused us to have to postpone and or cancel our major events for spring and summer which are events that really kind of drive a lot of our programming,” said Journot.

This programming usually raises around $30,000 for the La Crosse YWCA.

“We’ve really unfortunately had a pretty significant loss in revenue because of that,” said Journot.

The money raised during in-person events is used for portions of their organization that assist with supportive housing, childcare and court appointed advocates. This money can mean the difference between women experiencing homelessness and substance abuse, to finding housing, a job and avoiding relapse.

The government stimulus bill passed in March provided extra funding for non-profits, But Journot said they’re still nervous for the future.

“In order to sustain the remainder of this year and into the future with our mission, we do need folks support and people to help us out,” said Journot.

Despite the loss in revenue, the YWCA got creative, and is hosting an online silent auction. The auction is offering an array of items.

“Several goodies and smaller items, from local businesses, our staff, and our amazing board of directors,” said Journot.

Although the auction only opened Thursday, Journot said the turnout has surprised her.

“We’re already about 40% of the way to our goal, which is wonderful. People really showed up like right at 10 AM,” said Journot.

The online silent auction opened Thursday at 10 AM and will close tonight night at eight o’clock PM.

For the auction link and other ways to get involved, you can visit their website at www.ywcalax.org.