Local man makes homemade yogurt for church fundraiser

Food, culture, and more offered at St. Elias Mediterranean Festival

The Mediterranean Festival kicks off for the 42nd straight year on Sunday.

The festival is put on by the St. Elias Orthodox Church in La Crosse to share its diverse culture, and food with the community.

People have the chance to try out foods from different cultures, take tours of the church , and see a traditional dance performed by the St. Elias Church’s youth dancers.

Proceeds go back to the church, with 10% of money going to a charity of the church’s choosing.  This year, funds will be donated to IOCC Syrian Relief.

“It’s a primary fundraiser for the St. Elias Church, that’s one of the purposes.  Also its to share the cultural heritage of the church with the community,” said church historian Dick Markos.

Markos makes yogurt from scratch that’s used in a Syrian, Lebanese, Palestinian marinade  for chicken kabobs at the event.  He’s been doing it for 25 years and says the food alone is a great reason for people to come to the festival.

“You’d have to drive 150 miles in either direction of La Crosse to get what you’re going to get at this festival,” said Markos.

To see Markos making the yogurt, watch the video at the top of the article.

Event details:

WHAT: St. Elias Mediterranean Festival

WHEN: Sunday, July 22nd, 12:00p.m.-5:00p.m.

WHERE: St. Elias Orthodox Church, 716 Copeland Avenue, La Crosse WI