Local kids wash cars for a cause

Twelve youngsters were having a great time cleaning cars outside Gundersen Child Care Center in La Crosse on Tuesday.

Donations from drivers are going to Steppin’ Out in Pink, an annual event to support breast cancer survivors and research.

A teacher at the child care center started the charity car wash a few years ago. But this year it became part of a broader effort to get kids thinking about the big impact even the smallest act of kindness can have.

“It’s just snowballed,” says Patti Fellenz, a teacher at the child care center.

The children have been reporting back about their own acts of kindness. Some even brought in their own money to donate.

“One little boy brought in his piggy bank and he had five dollars a 28-cents in it,” says Patti Fellenz. “I said ‘what were you going to do with that?’ He said he was ‘going to buy a toy, but remember that day you told us that if we give money to people that are sick, it will make our hearts feel better?’ That’s from a 6 year old boy. So if they can act like that, the rest of us need to do that. There needs to be more of that in the world.”

The money the kids helped raise will be presented to the Gundersen Medical Foundation.