Local kids raising funds for Veterans Memorial Pool with concert

While working on the Veterans Memorial Pool, Construction workers like to listen to music on the job.

“I like to listen to Rock and Roll and I think most of my guys do.”

And while Rock and Roll helps them pass the time, a different genre of music is helping the construction come along.

Meet André.

“I’m André”

He spent the first part of summer running a lemonade stand and practicing piano.

“I’m doing jazz and classical.”

He made 7 dollars at his Lemonade stand.

“He said ‘mom, can I put this money into the pool?’ I said ‘yeah’ and another friend was sitting nearby and she said ‘André, you should play music for money, for the pool.’ and another friend said ‘Well, let’s have a concert,” recalled Chau Nguyen, André’s mom.

“We all think that we should do something that us kids do just to fundraise,” said André.

André and his friends decided holding a concert would be a good way to raise funds for the pool.

“I like using the pool, and I like playing music,” said 5th grader Izzy Thomsen.

And with help, they’ve already raised 15 hundred dollars over the span of three days.

“We were thinking of having a smaller concert, just a few families together to fundraise, and then other kids said ‘well, we like to play, we want to help out,” said Nguyen.

With all the kids who wanted to help, André and company had to find a bigger venue, and ended up booking the Annett Recital Hall at UWL on July 20th.

“We just rented it for a couple of days,” said André.

With a week left until the show, André’s got a lot of practicing ahead of him.

“Normally I would have to tell my son ‘go practice, go practice’ and now he practices first thing in the morning without me saying anything.”

But practice is a small price to pay for a cooler summer.

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