Local hospitals make donations in honor of their doctors

Thursday is National Doctors' Day

Donations honoring local doctors are being put back into the community.

Thursday is National Doctors’ Day, a chance for patients and family members to show appreciation for doctors across the country. Health providers in our area put any donations given to their doctors back into local nonprofits and programs.

Doctors at Gundersen say many patients leaving the hospital want to honor the doctors that helped them feel better.

“One way to do it is to act as part of this Doctors’ Day thing and give the money to our foundation, where it will go for good things and a note will go to the doctor saying, ‘This was given in your honor,'” said Gundersen Medical Foundation Vice President Eric Gundersen.

Mayo Clinic also makes donations for Doctors’ Day, benefiting local programs like CouleeCap and multiple food pantries in the La Crosse area.