Local hospitals host training sessions for infection outbreaks

New CDC precautions for protective gear

The CDC is working to calm fear of Ebola through new precautions.

The organization updated their guidelines for healthcare workers.

Tuesday, they held a large presentation in New York instructing anyone who’s putting on protective gear to make sure no skin is exposed at any time until the gear is completely off.

Local hospitals, like Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, have been hosting several training sessions since the cases were diagnosed on US soil, but they say there are other illnesses that are taking a higher priority.

“They are far less likely to be exposed to something like Ebola than they are to be exposed to something like influenza, norovirus, respiratory syncytial virus or RSV, and or that enterovirus that has been causing some devastating illness among pediatric patients,” said Gundersen Health System Infection Control Specialist Bridget Pfaff.

Others on Gundersen’s list include some blood borne disease transmitted through IV drug use or intimate contact, like HIV and Hepatitis C.