Local health providers keeping an eye out for measles symptoms

Current outbreak in Minneapolis

An outbreak of infectious diseases in Minnesota is causing local health providers to keep an eye out for symptoms in our area.

A measles outbreak in the Twin Cities area is causing treatment and financial concerns across the state. Symptoms of the infectious disease include a painful headache, red eyes, fatigue, a fever and sores.

Local health care providers say if you think you have the measles, call your doctor before coming to the clinic.

“The one thing we don’t want you to do is to come into the office and sit in the waiting room for a while while we are getting you in to a room. We want to know you’re coming so that we can quarantine you as quickly as possible and hopefully tell you you don’t have measles,” said Mayo Clinic Health System Pediatrician CJ Menagh.

Health providers say measles has difficulty spreading in areas where at least 95-percent of the population is immunized.