Local group hopes to help community heal following shootings

'Community Healing and Building' event planned Wednesday for Powell Park

A fatal shooting in La Crosse last month left one teenager dead and a community shaken. Now, one group is hoping to help the community heal.

The Doctor Martin Luther King Junior La Crosse Community Committee is sponsoring a Community Healing and Building event Wednesday night at Powell Park, at the corner of West Avenue and Jackson Street. The gathering will feature guest speakers, an open microphone session allowing anyone to speak and moment of silence to grieve.

Heidi Svee, one of the event’s organizers, says the event is about coming together instead of pointing fingers.

“What we really want to stress is that we are all neighbors with eachother and the children in this community are all of our children,” said Svee, “It’s really important that we come together and offer support to one another to get through events that have happened. We’re all in this together, it’s not just about race and socioeconomic status.”

The Community Healing and Building Gathering starts at 6 p.m. Wednesday and will run until 7:30. The entire community is welcome to attend.