Local family members set up GoFundMe page for family murdered in Houston, TX

Family is asking for donations to help with burial costs

UPDATE: News 8 has been notified that the family killed in Houston, TX this weekend has local ties.

Family members are asking for help with burial costs. If you would like to donate, they have set up a GoFundMe page.


A man has been charged with capital murder after eight people were found murdered inside a Houston area home. 

The victims include two adults and six children.

Fourty-nine-year old David Conley surrendered after more than an hour of negotiations.

Authorities said he broke into his former home, handcuffed and shot six children and two adults in the head, including his former partner Valerie Jackson.

“Mass killings and the taking of an entire family are tragic reality,” said Sheriff Ron Hickman, Harris County, TX.

Saturday evening the Harris County Sheriff’s Office got a call from a family relative asking for a check on the home. When deputies spotted the body of a child through a window, they forced their way inside, they say the suspect immediately opened fire.

Authorities said Conley could be the father of one or more of the children. Their ages range from 6 to 13 years old.  Hickman said the exact motive remains a mystery.

“The killer’s motive appear to be related to a dispute with the family where the mother was a former partner,” said Hickman

There have been welfare checks at this home before.