Local families in-need pick up Christmas presents as part of Salvation Army’s distribution program

It’s all about timing.

After months of planning and identifying families in need, Salvation Army volunteers are helping local families during the stressful holiday season.

Daniel Rawls is just one of many local family members who swung by.

“I’m a single parent,” Rawls said. “My daughter is 33 years old, and she’s a single mom. And I’m just doing what I can do to help her with the kids.”

He knows how hard the holiday season can be for his family.

“It’s kinda hard trying to work, and you got a babysitter, bills,” Rawls said. “I mean, it’s difficult.”

Which is why the Salvation Army is giving away Christmas presents and food items to the ones that need them most.

“You know, they may have lost their job, they may be underemployed,” Salvation Army Major Jeff Richardson said. “They don’t even have to get out of their car. All they have to is just show up, and we give them their food and their clothing.”

It’s the final stop for the families.

“That’s where it all comes together,” Richardson said. “And it gets handed out to the individual, so they could have a great Christmas, and a little something under the tree. And a great Christmas meal.”

For the Rawls’ family, today’s gifts will make all the difference.

“It takes a lot of stress off my daughter,” Rawls said. “And me being raised by my mom, I know how that is being a single parent, being raised with a lot of children and stuff.”

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