Local economies get a boost as gun-deer season is set to begin

TOMAH, Wis. (WKBT)- Hunters will take to the woods early Saturday morning for the Wisconsin gun-deer opener.

A lot of hunters are getting ready for the big day tomorrow by traveling across the state to their deer camp

Now this means gas stations, hotels, and small businesses are getting a boost right before the holidays.

Before the season begins hunters are getting prepared.

“I had a lot of guys in this morning, I can tell they’re just coming in yanno forgot some stuff maybe hats gloves whatever may be picking up a coat,” said Mark Rose, co-owner of the Tomah Cash Mercantile Company.

The Tomah Cash Mercantile Company has been around for more than 120 years and owner Mark Rose says deer season brings in a lot of business.

“It’s a critical part of the success of the store to have people come in from out of the area and guys will come through and a lot of times they’ll tell their wives about us cuz we’ve been around for 121 years,” said Rose.

Hunters headed to the woods have their sights set on bagging a buck.

“Get out with some family going out in the woods hopefully getting some deer and get some venison in the freezer for the winter.  Stay safe first of all as usual and maybe get a big buck,” said deer hunter, Dan Kreivich.

Local businesses are also cashing in on the bucks hunters will spend.

“It’s big if you drive through when the days are over you go by the resturants they’re full, you go by the bars and they’re full. There are people moving up and down the streets so it’s very critical to business that these guys come through to spend time and money here,” said Rose.

No matter how hunters do, the impact Wisconsin’s gun deer season has on local communities is priceless.

The DNR Says more than 875,000 hunters take part every year and contribute more than $235,000,000 to state and local economies.