Local dietitian talks about the CDC’s encouraging study on what kids are drinking

Children in a CDC study from 2013 to 2016 preferred water nearly 44% of the time and milk 21%.

Jamie Pronschinske, a local dietitian with Mayo Clinic Health System, told News 8 it’s reassuring milk and water are still the top two beverages for kids.

Pronschinske added that it’s important for kids to drink milk because it’s difficult for children to get needed calcium and vitamin D without it. She said children over the age of two should have two to three servings of milk daily.

“Offering milk with meals is important. Children aren’t going to consume milk if it’s not offered. So what I suggest parents do is make sure they’re offering milk with meals. . . . The choice between meals should be water,” said Pronschinske.

Pronschinske said sweetened beverages should only be consumed occasionally.

Soft drinks accounted for 20% of the beverages children in the CDC study drank.