Local campaigns kick off for November election

Campaign season officially kicked off in La Crosse County Saturday.

Both the La Crosse County Republican and Democratic parties began making phone calls and going door to door talking about the November election.

It safe to say Democrats and Republicans don’t always agree on everything. What they do agree on, though, is how important grassroots-type campaigning is during election season.

“This is what gets people elected,” 94th Assembly District state Rep. Steve Doyle said.

No matter what side of the aisle you’re on — whether you lean to left or lean to the right, red or blue — to get a candidate elected you need to put boots on the ground.

“If people are going to take action the best way to do it is to get involved. Start making phone calls, volunteer for the Republican Party or the Democratic Party, and try and make your impact as best you can,” Ron Buss, Wisconsin’s Republican Party volunteer, said.

“This is what politics is really about. This is how people get elected is by having folks go out and knock on doors, make phone calls, that’s really grassroots politics,” Doyle said.

And even though it’s only June, to get a candidate elected volunteers have a lot of work to do between now and Nov. 4.

“Anybody can walk through the door of the Democratic headquarters or the Republican headquarters and say, ‘Hey I want to help. What do you have for me to do,’ and either party has lots of projects for them.

Both Republicans and Democrats in La Crosse County are now out in full force, giving voters the information they need before casting their vote.

No matter where you live, no matter who you vote for, when the election is over the winners are the volunteers who put in the time and effort to get their candidate elected.

“If you look at the presidential level and all the money that is involved in that, that is actually kind of scary in terms of anybody wanting to get involved, but if you look at these local and state races the average person can have a big impact in the outcome,” Doyle said.

“I think they’re very, very important. I think it’s grassroots politicking and it’s really the way our country was set up,” Buss said.

If you would like to volunteer for either party, here is a link to the La Crosse County Democratic Party website and here is a link to the La Crosse County Republican Party website.