Local business uses straw bale gardens to educate employees on nutritional health

One local business is inspiring their employees to make positive diet changes with unique gardens.

Allergy Associates of La Crosse offers on-site straw bale gardens to educate employees about nutritional health.

The gardens require less area than traditional gardens making them easier to maintain at home.

The gardens also help individuals struggling with food allergies find a creative way to take control of their food supply.

Employees are able to take advantage of the produce growing in the garden as well.

“We also utilize them. We have a great demonstration kitchen here, so, harvesting the foods and then doing food demos to show the employees it’s really simple to make easy, healthy recipes using those fruits and vegetables, or vegetables that we are growing in the straw bale garden,” says Dietician and Wellness Coordinator at Allergy Associates Emily Melby.

Produce and herbs are growing in the Allergy Associates gardens.