Local 5th grader gets to serve as Principal for a Day

Plenty of kids have big ideas on what they would do if they ran their school, but one area student actually got the chance Thursday.

Fifth grader Maddox Herlitzke got to take over the principal’s office at Southern Bluffs Elementary in La Crosse for the day.

As part of his duties, Maddox got to lead school assemblies, make classroom visits and meet with the district’s superintendent.

“I was most excited to walk around in the classrooms and just see what was going on,” said Herlitzke.

Southern Bluffs’ principal for the rest of the school year, Lisa Schreiner, joked Herlitzke likely got plenty of suggestions from his classmates.

“Maybe they’ve been trying to get in his ear already about some changes he could make in the building. You know, extra recess, longer lunch, no homework,” said Schreiner.

This is the 6th year Southern Bluffs has let a student be principal for a day.