Lithuanian native Marius Balandis adjusting to baseball in America with Loggers

The Loggers are headed down to Rockford to start their season, which is around a 4 hour drive. While that’s a decently sized trip, it pales in comparison to how far one Logger came to be playing in La Crosse this summer.

Marius Balandis, also known as “pigeon,” began his career thousands of miles away in Lithuania.

He came over to the states to chase his dream of becoming a baseball player his Junior year of high school.

This is his second year as a Logger and he says his experience in 2019 helped him grow as a player.

But he’s still getting over the culture shock between Lithuanian baseball and how the game is played in the states.

“Lithuanian Baseball is not that good. We don’t even have good fields, we play on some potato fields back there and when you come here all these nice fields taken care of and all you have to do is play hard,” said the pitcher.

He goes by Pigeon because it’s what his last name translates to in English, and is easier for his teammates to say.