List of democrats running for governor continues to grow

List of democrats up to five

The announcement of the candidates for the gubernatorial race comes as the election is still more than a year away.

And experts say the list of candidates could grow even bigger in the coming months.

Election Day for Wisconsin’s gubernatorial race is November 7, 2018.

Still, five candidates on the Democratic side have announced bids to challenge Governor Scott Walker, but some residents in our area aren’t yet interested in the race.

On a beautiful day at Riverside Park, even some of those that follow politics think next November is a little too far away.

“I’ll have lawn signs. I’ll vote in the primaries,” Tom Flynn said. “I’m not familiar with the Democratic candidates at this time.”

Nearly 15 months away from the election, five Democrats have come forward to challenge the governor next fall.

“It’s very unusual. This may be an all-time record for the number of Democrats running for anything in Wisconsin,” said Joe Heim, a professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

Even with big names such as Wisconsin Senate Minority Leader Jennifer Shilling and U.S. Representative Ron Kind not running, Heim said 2018 may be favorable for Democrats.

“People will run if they think there’s a shot at it,” Heim said. “If it would look like he was a re-election lock, people would not be coming out as much.”

Despite the number of candidates, Heim said it will be difficult for any of the candidates to break through.

But one possibility is Tony Evers.

“There’s three of four people that if I mention their names, you would say, ‘Who are they?’ When you’re running against people that have name identification, some record of some time, it’s very difficult to compete in that situation,” Heim said. “Tony Evers has run for state superintendent of public instruction three times. So he’s run statewide races, raised a lot of money and has a certain advantage because of that.”

But for those on the street, the election is still a long ways off.

“The Democrats are certainly excited about the upcoming election. The problem is will they turn out to vote?” Flynn said.

Despite many of the candidates already entering the race, Heim said there should be more candidates announcing their run for governor soon.

But he expects some of the candidates to drop out even before the primary.

The primary for the gubernatorial election is Aug. 14, 2018.