Lightning strike to Black River Falls home causes significant damage

Lightning strike blows through walls and charrs electrical wiring in home

Black River Falls officials were called to the township of Adams Thursday evening where a home had been struck by lightning.

The EDC was reporting the home owner ran to a neighbor and requested them to call the fire department.

Upon arrival the department found the home owner removing a burning mattress and box spring from the two story wood frame structure.

The second floor bedroom office area had a hole blown in the wall and the electrical wiring in the area was heavily charred.

One of the home owners was present in this room working at a desk when the lighting strike took place but was not hurt. A 2″ x 6″ wall stud was also blown apart which blew out the exterior side wall.

The party used a fire extinguisher to knock down the flames from the burning mattress that was located in the room before removing them.

A number of outlets and light switches on the first and second floor of the home had there covers blown off or were charred from the strike.

It appears that the lighting strike hit the homes TV antenna and traveled throughout the home.

The home is insured but a damage estimate is also not known at this time.