Election officials: No reports in Wisconsin of Iran-linked emails but speaks to bigger issue

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)-- Democratic voters in key battleground states received threatening emails demanding they vote for President Donald Trump. U.S. intelligence officials said during a Wednesday night briefing that Iran sent the emails meant to intimidate voters and incite…

The 15 cities investing the most in solar energy

The U.S. solar industry has grown significantly in the last decade as solar power has become more affordable, efficient, and accessible. Not surprisingly, solar energy use and investment varies considerably across cities.

911 dispatchers slammed with calls about QAnon-backed false claims about wildfires

Authorities in Oregon are pleading with the public to only trust and share information verified by official sources about the unprecedented wildfires sweeping the state. The pleas come as law enforcement agencies described 911 dispatchers being overrun with calls about a false online rumor that "Antifa" members had been arrested for setting the fires — a claim promoted by the anonymous account behind the QAnon conspiracy theories.