Legend, DuVernay, more celebs react to election results

Many celebrities were very vocal about getting out the vote, and now they’re responding to Tuesday’s election results.

With the predicted “blue wave” not materializing, many chose to focus on some of the history that was made.

“Democrats flipped the house w/ historic wins by women + people of color, some slashing decades-long red strongholds,” director Ava DuVernay tweeted. “And 1.4 million formerly incarcerated people have regained the right to vote. Despite gerrymandering + suppression. Something powerful has happened. Believe that.”

House Democrats ascendant, set to check Trump’s power

Democrats gaining a majority in the House of Representatives drew a great deal of attention.

“Flipping the house despite all the gerrymandering was no small feat,” singer John Legend tweeted. “Despite it being expected by the polls, this is still a BFD. The House has so much power to hold the president accountable. I look forward to some real oversight.”

The races for governor in Florida and Georgia were closely watched as African-American Democrats attempted to make history by taking those offices.

Actor Josh Gad tweeted, “Great night, but to my home state of FL, you turned your backs on the students of Parkland, you turned your back on those who offered hope and you elected two men who literally do not believe in climate change which is essentially like signing your state’s death sentence. Why?”

But it was the Texas senate race, where incumbent Republican Senator Ted Cruz defeated Democratic rising star Beto O’Rourke, that garnered some of the most attention from stars — with some looking ahead for a possible O’Rourke presidential run.

Beyonc√© wants you to know she supports Beto O’Rourke

“Well half the state blew it but @BetoORourke you are inspiring and heartening and you changed many minds and I can’t wait to see what else you do,” actor/singer Ben Platt tweeted.

The reaction wasn’t only from liberals.

Well known conservative actor James Woods tweeted about his feelings as well.

“Very happy that the ‘blue wave’ was, as expected, more a #LiberalMedia concoction than a reality,” Woods wrote.