La Crosse School District leaves no child hungry this summer

School doors may be closed…but thousands of children still need to eat.  La Crosse School District lunch ladies are used to prepping meals for kids during the summer, but they started early this year. The cafeteria is eerily calm, but kids that attend schools in the La Crosse School District are still getting their school lunch.

At Logan Middle School, cafeteria ladies are working early mornings to pack lunches that will be delivered to their students, but this phenomenon isn’t new.

“The school district of La Crosse has a summer food service program and they’ve done that for over 20 years, so it wasn’t hard for us to you know, kick into gear and do this program. So we just started a little bit early!” said Lyn Halvorson, the Supervisor of School Nutrition Programs at the La Crosse School District.

Upon learning students would not return to school on March 18th, administration knew they’d have to do something, so the ladies got to work.

“In a week, we do over ten thousand meals,” said Halvorson.

But the number of meals packed and delivered isn’t what brings these cooks joy.

“Making the meals for the kids, connecting with them, you know, passing them out, ask ‘hows your day?’ give me a fist bump because we can’t hug. Just that part. Making a difference and connecting with the kids… we miss them… very much,” said Denise DeLao, a cook at Logan Middle School.

The silver lining, getting to see their smiling faces once a day during the drop off.

You can find the information for the lunch program on