Learning about the state of the La Crosse Public Library

Plans made for upcoming year to make libraries more efficient

Library and book enthusiasts made their way to the La Crosse Public Library on Saturday to learn how the system is doing.

The non-profit Friends of the Library met today to discuss how the La Crosse library system is doing financially and to make plans for the upcoming year.

Some changes are in the works, including bringing on a consultant for strategic planning, and making the library more efficient. If you’ve made your way to the library lately, you may have noticed some empty shelves too.

“Those empty shelves are not going to be empty for very much longer. We are going to be moving materials into them. These will be materials that people have put on hold, and we will be moving to a procedure where you will retrieve your own held material,” said la Crosse Public Library Director Kelly Krieg-Sigman.

The library system saw an increase in their reserve funds after last year, but the La Crosse Public Library Director says those funds are budgeted for expenses this year.