LAX Food Hall to provide unique food options and opportunities for aspiring restaurant owners

LAX Food Hall press more diverse food options in La Crosse and push for affordable option for new restaurant owners

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — More unique food options are coming to La Crosse’s downtown. Owners of the future LAX Food Hall say they also want to help more people start restaurants. The space on the 500 block of Jay Street sits empty.

“Currently we already have two stalls signed for,” said Zachary Switzer, co-owner of LAX Food Hall.

However, Switzer and Michael Margulis see potential.

“The quality of the food will be better than a food court,” said Margulis, chief executive officer of the LAX Food Hall.

They are planning a food hall — a group of locally-owned restaurants with unique flavor and style under one roof.

“Paying for school, I bartended in Chicago and managed restaurants,” Margulis said. “When I got here, I was like, ‘There is so much food I want that La Crosse doesn’t have to offer.”

Margulis said it takes about $300,000 to start a restaurant. With this model, he said the food hall cuts the cost for aspiring culinary entrepreneurs to about $15,000.

“Three hundred grand’s a lot to save up,” Margulis said.

With this model, he said the food hall cuts the cost for aspiring culinary entrepreneurs to about $15,000.

“It’s a lot cheaper to start with us because we take care of a lot of the overhead stuff,” Switzer said.

They handle the dining space, supplies such as plates and silverware – even the point-of-sale system down to the phone lines.

“Let people that usually wouldn’t have the ability to start a restaurant start their own restaurant,” Margulis said.

Margulis brings a unique skill set to the table himself.

“My trade is architecture, so I designed the building myself,” he said.

He designed the layout in this space to give more people a chance to build a business without the worry of the expense.

“They’re gonna be able to focus on what they do best,” Switzer said. “The food.”

Filling one more empty business front with a new community flavor. Switzer and Margulis say they’d like to open on June 1, but they say they still need to fill some spots inside their food hall. For more information about the food hall click here.

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