Lawmakers discuss proposed sand mining operation near Bangor

BANGOR, Wis. — The Bangor area is the proposed site for a new sand mining operation and people living there have concerns including possible health risks and the impact on roads and the environment.

Representative Steve Doyle and State Senator Jennifer Shilling answered questions in a packed room Wednesday night about the proposed mine.  It would be a Frac sand mining operation.  Our area has an abundance of what’s known as white sand.  It’s used in the process of extracting natural gas and oil out of rock formations.


Officials say this type of mining is about the price of oil.  “Oil is over $100 a barrel.  It makes the type of exploration they do with frac sand and hydro-fracking, it makes that as a reasonable alternative to get oil.  Therefore they need the materials, and frac sand is one of the materials,” says Karl Green from the UW Extension.

The site near Bangor is one of 20 new frac sand operations currently proposed in Wisconsin.