Lawmakers consider streamlining cross state medical licensing

Medical Licensure Compact could make Telemedicine more efficient

A new Medical Licensure Compact could have a large impact on what some people go to the hospital for, especially in rural areas.  

At times, hospitals do not have the specialists on staff to treat specific issues.

Advances have already been made to correct that with the use of Telemedicine.  It allows physicians to video conference with patients.

Hospitals still run into the ability of allowing specialists to treat across state lines because those specialists need to be licensed in the state in which the patient is being treated regardless if it’s in person or through Telemedicine.

The new Medical Licensure Compact could make the process easier and give specific need patients the treatment they need sooner rather than later.

Kim Hawthorne, Sparta Mayo Clinic’s Administrator says “Every neurologist, every cardiologist, every specialist who might be seeing patients here via the Telemedicine services in Sparta, we have to credential them in Sparta which is a redundancy of work. It’s a tremendous amount of waste added to the health care system and if we have this interchangeability of the credentials, we’re able to create some efficiency and reduce the waste from the health care system.”